Sunday, January 12, 2014


Our website is up and running and has been up and running for awhile now. I had this post saved to a draft and forgot to post it when I first published the website. 

You can check out the website at: 

We are also making gains in all our social media's. You can check those out as well! 
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Haven't posted in awhile

Sorry y'all haven't posted in a while. I've been so busy trying to make everything work and advertise through social media's that I completely forgot that I even had this blog hidden in all my apps. 

So, what's new?! 

Well, a lot is new! We came out with our 'MERICA Keeps It Reel shirts. We started with the color grey, which was a huge hit then after the greys sold out a couple times I decided to go with the navy blue shirts with the same design. Again, the greys and the navy's sold out again and some people wanted black shirts with the same design. So I experimented with black and the black shirts were a hit too! 

I say I sold out but what does that mean? Well, RBA (Rod Benders Apparel) has sold over 130 shirts to roughly 30 different states! I will continue to blog so share this so more people can see! Thanks! 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Shirt Designs

The new shirt designs are in! We are thinking of doing a pre-sale and then putting in the order. Stay tuned! Also the website is almost complete! A couple tweeks here and there and it will be complete and ready for your orders! 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Welcome to Rob Benders Fishing Apparel Blog

Rod Benders Fishing Apparel Company! We are a fishing apparel company made for fisherman created by fisherman. We live by the motto #SizeMatters. By living by that motto one thing has to happen... You fishing rod has to be bending! We encourage others to fish often and fish for that big bite so you keep catching the big ones, because size does matter! We are a South Florida company trying to expand and reach places all over the country and world. It doesn't matter if its fresh or saltwater or what kind of fish you have, as long as your rod is bending you are fishing!